Security Solutions

PGA SEC GROUP produces security solutions whenever you want it, wherever you want it. Our comprehensive range of guarding services offers full protection for people and property. Rely on our expertly co-ordinated security solutions to save you needless worry and provide peace of mind.

PGA SEC GROUP officers are committed to providing security solutions that are professional, powerful and practical to your business or situation.

Typical uses for our security solutions include:

  • Perform crowd control techniques at pubs, clubs, universities, concerts , sports stadiums and parks
  • Facilitate safe public use of facilities
  • Control of access to commercial and residential buildings
  • Patrolling construction sites, shopping centres, etc to protect against fire, theft, vandalism and illegal activity

PGA SEC GROUP solutions will assess your needs and produce a security solution fine-tuned to your specific needs.


PGA SEC GROUP provides a comprehensive and tailored events security package, to meet the client specific security needs and to safeguard both you and your guest’s security. Our management team will closely work with you from the outset and inset to ensure that we fully comprehend your event and your special requirements.

PGA SEC GROUP has special team of dedicated individuals that form our Private and Corporate Events. We are able to provide exceptional services to individual client and event, small or big. So if you are planning a public party, wedding, sporting or music event, or private occasion call us to discuss your needs on a no-obligation basis.

Our presentation is of the highest standard. Dressed smartly in uniform, casuals, or black tie, our security professionals are easily approachable and very well prepared for all duties.

You can depend on PGA SEC GROUP for top priority treatment and a service package tailored to your premises needs and culture



club security

An efficient and friendly security team is paramount to the success of your pub or club. We have the expertise to get your patrons and guests to feel that they are in a safe environment so they can relax and enjoy the entertainment without the fear of harassment or injury.

Licensed venues can lose their appeal or their license when security matters are not dealt with in a professional manner-consequently leading to loss of customers and loss of profit.

PGA SEC GROUP can provide staff at short notice to compliment any venue or event. The service we provide is at your discretion and can be assured of highest standards, whatever your requirements. We provide experienced trained staffs that are fully capable to professionally manage any situation.

You can depend on PGA SEC GROUP for top priority treatment and a service package tailored to your premises needs and culture.

Commercial Sites

Commercial site security programs at PGA SEC GROUP are tailored specifically to client requirements.Whether the Commercial site is a pub, club, shopping centre or warehouse, our expert security staff can deal with the public, add a friendly face to the premises and provide full protection solutions.It is a fact of life that the greatest deterrent to thieves, vandals and troublemakers is the presence of a security patrol guarding a Commercial site.You can depend on PGA SEC GROUP for top priority treatment and a service package tailored to your premises needs and culture. PGA SEC GROUP provides comprehensive security solutions that are designed to protect construction sites as well as compliment the safe use of construction environments.

The vulnerability of construction sites is due to the fact that they are unmanned at predictable times and so the potential threats to construction sites include theft and vandalism

PGA SEC GROUP provides construction sites with a highly visible security presence whilst establishing a strong working relationship with managers, police and ambulance to ensure the most cohesive and consistent approach to security challenges.

commercial security


PGA’S Security provision for galleries and exhibitions delivers objective risk assessment of the environment and provides relevant staffing levels whilst balancing the needs of all personnel concerned. Our security staff have in-depth knowledge of asset protection, front of house security and the handling of crowds.

Whether you require one security specialist or a whole team, you can trust PGA SEC GROUP to provide a first class personal service that is flexible and ever vigilant.